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                 Fantasy Cash Competition             2014 / 2015   

  Entry Fee £5 per          team.  

It's getting close to the start of the season, so  come and  join my Competition.  Its  open to anybody and  everybody, and joining it will  give you the chance to show off your skill as a Football Manager, and 

to win a bit of money at the same time.

Last season we had £175 in the kitty and gave out prizes of 

       £100 for the winner.

       £45 for the runner up.

       £30 for the third place.

More entries will obviously 
mean bigger prizes, so be sure to tell other forum 
members, your Family and Friends  
Prize money will be based upon the number of entries received and will be awarded to 1st - 2nd - 3rd place finishers.
If we have a lot more entries the 4th place may well come into consideration. 

Please use the Paypal Donate button above to enter the Competition.  Then be sure to inform me of your Team Name, Either in the comments section of the Paypal donation form or by PM.  

If you have any problems you can Email me at


The code to join the league will be made available by return Email.  As your teams are registered and entered, i will display them in the league below.

If your not already registered with the Fantasy Football site you can do that from here ..    


All players must have their teams registered before the start of the season.
You can change your team and add players to your squad right up to the season Kick-off .   Thank you for joining and good luck.   Teams who have entered so Far ...