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Reply Bill.
6:21 PM on July 23, 2020 
has to be correct too ie Gorillas wrong, Gorillaz right!

1. Scissor Sisters (Dame A)
2. Led Zeppelin (Dame A)
3. Rolling Stones (Dame A)
4. Smashing Pumpkins (onetoo)
5. Gorillaz (onetoo)
6. Pet Shop Boys (Karma)
7. Queen (Karma)
8. The Killers (stoory)
9. B-52s (stoory) two jets at the top of the picture
10. The Eagles (stoory) below the gorillas
11. Guns n' Roses (stoory) on the green hand cart
12. Madonna (Garage Joe) a poster in the shop on the left
13. U2 (Garage Joe) there are two lower case "u's" on the wall
14. Green Day (lal) on calendar
15. Red Hot Chili Peppers (stoory) among the fruit on the left
16. Whitesnake (onetoo) on the other side of the Virgin sign
17. Garbage (Scotty) on the zebra crossing
18. Alice in Chains (stoory) below the big spoon
19. Deep Purple (stoory) The building in the background
20. Lemonheads (onetoo) on the cart on the right hand side
21. Prince (Scotty) facing the Queen
22. Bee Gees (stoory) A b and two g's on the wall of the telly shop
23. Beach Boys (onetoo) the two with the surfboards in between the beacons
24. Blur (Scotty) Man far right in pink shirt
25. Black Flag (onetoo) Black flag hanging out of the window [shop on the right]
26. The White Stripes (Scotty) on the road
27. Seal (lal) above the ( not quite ) zombie
28. Pink (El Loro) the colour of the sky
29. Matchbox 20 (Cinds)
30. Radiohead (lal) on zebra crossing
31. The Black Crowes (Cinds/ onetoo) - between street lamps on the right
32. Spoon (Rawky-Roo) - far right
33. The Eels (Rawky-Roo) - between Prince and Queen in foreground
34. The Doors (Scotty) - under white snake to the left
35. Blind Melon (Cinds) - foreground bottom right
36. Skinny Puppy (Pengy) - in front of the kids at the pet shop
37. Korn (Pengy) - on the cart
38. ?Cypress Hill (Pengy) - at the back by the gorilla
39. The Cars (stoory) - between the boulders
40. Twisted Sister (stoory) - the entangled acrobatic looking couple (behind head of Prince)
41. Crowded House (stoory) - All the people in the windows (to the right of Black Flag)
42. Sex Pistols (velvet donkey) - Westwood foreground? (being held by Queen)
43. Iron Maiden (Cagney) - on the zebra crossing
44. 50 Cent (Dame A) - behind Queen
45. Kiss (stoory) - The couple kissing [next to shop on left]
46. The Pixies (Scotty) - flying over the shops on the left
47. Talking Heads (duchess) - the faces in the tv's in the shop window to the right, under the 2u's
48. The Carpenters (monkey13) - [on roof under gorillas]
49. The Dead Kennedys (giving this to duchess and Scotty)? - on the wall next to the pet shop under the lampe
50. Jane's Addiction (Cagney) - There's a guy shooting up... [next to irailings to left of the spoon on the right].
51. Nine Inch Nails (Scotty) - next to the 20 thingy
52. Pavement(Slinkiwitch)
53. Yellowman(Slinkiwitch) - the bananabloke leaning on the left hand side of the picture
54. The Cranberries (duchess) - on top of the crates in front of the fruit stand
55. Blondie (duchess) the blonde girl above the virgin digital sign! BB: Not sure what you mean, girl is on fire escape above shop on left, but it's right anyway!
56. Cornershop (Cagney) - the shop sign on the left
57. The Cult (Cagney's muso brother) - the white robed peeps
58. Dinosaur JR (Cagney's brother) - under green cart to the left
59. Cowboy Junkies (Cagney's brother) - next to Jane's Addiction on the right near the railings.

You all did very well 59/74 ain't bad at all! Some of the ones you didn't get were very obscure and three I couldn't find meself!

The ones no-one gotâ?¦

60. Hole - hole in road above zebra crossing
61. Phish - goldfish bowl next to "20"
62. Cake - above Virgin logo bottom left
63. White Zombie = zombie in pet shop doorway
64. RATT - rat in road above pink scissors
65. The Roots - under 50 cent behind Queen
66. Great White - supposedly between the cornershop "Shop" sign and the yellow man???
67. Eminem - no idea where!
68. The Postal Service - postman and mail box above red roses in cart, bottm left.
69. Jewel - to right of goldfish bowl on the road
70. The Police - under one of the boulders near purple building
71. Go-Go's - girls under boulder on the right
72. Scorpions - to left or green cart wheel bottom left
73. 311 - no idea!!
Reply Dalziel Kane
9:53 PM on February 24, 2013 
Been trying to join for a while now but finally achieved it. Look forward to getting involved in discussions. Recognize a few names !
Reply patto
7:39 PM on January 17, 2013 
it takes a while for me to get used to a new site but ill try my best
Reply Bill.
7:14 AM on January 5, 2013 
Spread the word please peeps, Your mates, relatives, facebook, twitter, everything you can think of.
Reply The CoolerKing
2:54 PM on January 1, 2013 
Cool looking forum this one Bill!!
Reply Dave Robinette (Rubecula)
8:13 AM on January 1, 2013 
I like the looks of the new forum Bill.
Reply Bill.
3:25 AM on November 28, 2012 
Feel free to post a little note and let me know what you think.